BMW M4 Coupe Leaves Critics Wanting More after First Drive



Under the hood of the BMW M4 Coupe.

In BMW’s constant quest to create the world’s ultimate driving machines, there might be a few missteps. However, the brand always rebounds, learning from those missteps and correcting them in its next batch of creations, which generally turn out to be even better than those that came before. After hearing complaints of how all the M5’s driving mode customizations and options created confusion rather than convenience, they streamlined the new BMW M4 Coupe into a lean, mean machine.

Four reviewers over at Autoweek all took a turn in the new M4, and while the reviewers might have had some small differences of opinion, one theme rang out through all their reviews: the M4 is luxurious on the inside, beautiful on the outside, and furious out on the road—or even the racetrack. We’ll allow you to read the full reviews for yourself, but here are a couple snippets: “The M4 is hilariously fast, its 425 hp never overwhelming, its levels of mechanical grip astounding, its chassis perfectly neutral,” says Blake Z. Rong, and Mark Vaughn added, “the engine likes to cruise canyons at around 4,000 rpm. It feels just right there. The brakes never faded. I could have gone all day and would still be up there.”

Don’t let the Autoweek editors have all the fun, though. Come see us at BMW of Bowling Green to check out all the options, customizations, features, and yes, even crazy yellow paint colors, and take a test drive as well today.

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