New Apple Watch Works with BMW i3 and i8

BMW i8

The new Apple Watch is rolling out and automakers like BMW are not wasting their time finding ways to apply the technology to their vehicles.

The German automaker has announced that an Apple Watch app that will work with its two plug-in cars, the i3 and the i8. Users only need to wrap the Apple Watch around the wrist just like a traditional wristwatch, which acts like an extension of a linked iPhone.

Remotely, these users can check or control important vehicle functions via BMW i Remote app without ever having to take their smartphone out of their pocket, unlocking a screen, or entering a code. One swipe to the left and you can choose to cool or heat the interior of the BMW i car. One swipe to the right lets you remote control the horn.

BMW of Bowling Green’s favorite feature is what BMW calls “intermodal route planning.” When driving in congested urban areas, the watch can let you know if you could get to your destination more quickly by simply pulling up into a nearby parking lot and going the rest of the way via another mode of transportation—whether that be on foot, bike, or public transit. It’ll even guide you back on the return trip!

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