How to Escape a Sinking Car

Sinking Car

Whether you’re driving on a bridge that collapses or you lose control of your car near water, becoming submerged in water is a real possibility, especially for anyone living near large bodies of water. There are several steps you can take both before and during an emergency to escape a sinking car, and following them can save your life.

You have less than a minute to roll down your windows when your car is sinking, as this is about how long it will take for the water level to reach your windows and put so much pressure on your windows that you won’t be able to roll them down. Don’t try to open the door! There’s too much pressure and it’ll let in too much water if you get it open.

If you’ve sunk too far to roll the window down, or if you have power windows that have shorted out, it’s important to have something in your car that can break the window. Car windows are designed to be strong and resist blunt force, so a sharp object is the best way to do it, and you can buy tools made for breaking your windows in emergencies. Then swim! Visit BMW of Bowling Green for more!

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