BMW Loaned the i3 to LAPD for Testing

BMW i3

Earlier this month, BMW loaned the i3 to LAPD for testing over the next twelve months. The all-electric i3 is innovative even for the electric class, so BMW and the LAPD agreed it would be the ideal electric vehicle to test as a potential addition to their fleet.

The LAPD has started an initiative to add 100 electric vehicles to its fleet in the next few years. The i3 will be featured at several public events over the year while it undergoes rigorous testing as a fleet car. The i3 is capable of achieving up to 100 miles on a charge and has excellent horsepower at 170 along with 184 lb-ft of torque.

BMW officials say the LAPD’s choice of the i3 highlights its “compelling nature […] as a versatile, sustainable vehicle” and that its “innovative design and construction from leading-edge materials” make it a perfect fit for the LAPD, which is dedicated to integrating new and advanced technologies into their procedures.

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