How to Check and Fill Tires

check and fill tires

It’s getting colder, and changes in temperature can have a significant effect on the air pressure in your tires. Don’t let your tires get low when you need them in top shape for the bad weather ahead! If you don’t know how to tell, here’s a quick guide on how to check and fill tires.

If you don’t have a pressure gauge or air pump at home (most people do not), you can get a psi reading and fill your tires at most gas stations. Either way, you’ll unscrew the plastic piece around the air valve on the inside of your tire and then insert the pressure gauge into the air valve to get your reading.

Your owner’s manual will say what psi your tires should be, so consult that and then determine how much air needs to be added or let out of your tire. To add air, you’ll get your hand pump or automatic air compressor and take off the air valve cap again, then put money in the compressor (if you’re at a gas station) and insert the hose into the valve.

Keep an eye on the pressure gauge and quit when it’s full!

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