Fun Road Trip Games

Road trips can be fun, but they can also be long. If you’re traveling with a few people, it’s easy to get antsy. So if you’re planning an Easter road trip or any other car trip soon, here are some fun road trip games to keep you and the family (or friends) busy:

fun road trip games - family vacation

The Memory Game – To begin this, the first player names an object you can find at the grocery store (or another category like animals, celebrities, etc.) that starts with “A.” The next says an item that starts with “B”, but also must repeat the previous player’s item. If someone forgets the order or any of the items, they’re out.

Story Telling – Make up a story with everyone, one sentence at a time. It can go on until someone says, “The End.”

The Banana Game – This one is observational, simple say “Banana” when you see a yellow vehicle. Make up a point system—the bigger the vehicle, the more points.

Unfortunately-Fortunately – Someone says an unfortunate sentence, like “Unfortunately, a shark is about to attack us.” And someone has to give them a “fortunately,” like “Fortunately, I’m a professional shark fighter.”

You can come up with your own games, too, but these will keep you busy for a bit!

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