BMW 8 Series Launch Date Set for 2020

BMW 8 Series return

The BMW 8 Series, once the automaker’s most prestigious model, will return to BMW of Bowling Green’s lineup in 2020.

As expected, the car would slot just above the current 7 Series, though BMW has yet to choose between two big ideas for the car: the 8 Series will either be a four-door coupe or a two-door coupe. The former is currently more popular among most customers, but four years from now, who knows what’ll be the newest fashion? Given BMW’s history with building multiple variants for each of its models, we wouldn’t be surprised if it just went for both—and threw in a Gran Coupe version to boot.

Regardless of what BMW chooses to do, a concept vehicle is anticipated for launch in 2018, followed by an official production BMW 8 Series launch date in 2020. If you think you’ll want a top-tier luxury vehicle motivated by BMW power once that date comes around, be sure to keep an eye out!

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