Advantages of Electric Cars

BMW i3 - advantages of electric cars

Electric cars still have the drawbacks of limited range and long charging times, but as automakers continue to improve upon these issues we’ll see more and more electric cars on the road. Here are some advantages of electric vehicles over gasoline-powered ones.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are much better for the environment. They usually have zero carbon emissions or other byproducts, and when charged on non-coal power grids like hydro and wind, they use exclusively clean energy sources. There is still the concern that electric cars are generally charged on dirty grids, but the claim that this makes EVs worse for the environment is totally false.

Besides that, electric cars save on gas. People often only use their EVs for their daily commute and errands, which don’t use anywhere close to a full charge in one day. If you install a charging station in your home, charging your car overnight is much more convenient than taking it to a gas station to fill up.

EVs have very simple and only rarely need maintenance, too, which means they’re cheaper to maintain and operate. They also run smoother and more quietly than engine-powered cars.

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