New BMW Motorcycle Brings Along the Future

Motorcycles are incredibly efficient, but they often sacrifice the safety of a conventional vehicle. BMW is looking to change all that with the Motorrad Vision Next 100, also known as the motorcycle of the future. The new BMW motorcycle will feature a whole new look that will surely redefine how the motorcycle segment operates.

BMW logo - New BMW Motorcycle

The new BMW motorcycle boasts a Tron-like design with a black triangle frame that resonates the brand’s first motorcycle, the 1923 R32. The bike itself bends and moves without the joints and bearings on conventional motorcycles. The technology behind it is almost out of this world. Almost.

The steering itself is speed sensitive and causes the frame to stiffen and become more stable at high speeds. The tires automatically reconfigure themselves to provide the most comfortable ride and handling.

As for safety, the new BMW motorcycle would feature a bionic riding suit and visor as well. The suit would support the rider while the visor would use augmented reality to control its UI. The UI can project ideal lines and angles onto the road, increasing the safety of motorcycles everywhere.

The bike is just a concept. It comes as a part of BMW’s 100th anniversary celebration where the automaker is revealing concept vehicles to come in the next century.

Here at BMW of Bowling Green, we can’t wait to see this futuristic motorcycle hit the road!

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