Driving a Vehicle with Rear-Wheel Drive in Snow

Rear-wheel drive isn’t known for performing very well in poor road conditions, but it isn’t impossible or even inherently dangerous. For one, rear-wheel drive vehicles perform much better in snow than they used to, now that traction control systems have been implemented, and this is especially the case for luxury vehicles like BMW sports cars, which have incredibly sophisticated designs. Here are some tips on driving a vehicle with rear-wheel drive in snow.

BMW winter driving safety - rear-wheel drive in snow


One of the best things you can do to give your RWD vehicle more traction in snow is to weigh it down in the back with bags of sand or cinder blocks. FWD cars get better traction because the engine is weighing down the wheels in front, but there’s nothing weighing down the drive wheels on RWD cars.

You also want to go easy on the gas. If you don’t give your tires a chance to lose the grip by speeding up too quickly, you won’t have a problem with RWD. You should also keep a loose grip on the steering wheel so you don’t jerk it if you do lose traction in the back.

It can help you keep traction on the ground if you avoid braking while cornering, too, and instead do all your slowing down before you get to a turn. Braking too hard is the best way to make your wheels slide on wet surfaces, so do it slowly and as little as possible.

Drive safe!

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