How to Increase Your Trade-In Value

You’re ready to get rid of your old car with plans to get behind the wheel of a nicer, newer model sooner rather than later. Now isn’t the time to slack off on taking care of your old car though! It could take a bite out of your auto loan. Take a few of these tips from us here at BMW of Bowling Green to increase your trade-in value. Your wallet will thank you later!

Increase Your Trade-In Value

  • Shop Around – Getting the estimated trade-in value for your used vehicle at multiple dealerships has no downside. In fact, doing so could ensure that you get the most money possible out of your old car. Take a weekend and head to multiple dealerships. It could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Increase Your Trade-In Value


  • Documents – Having all the documentation you need to prove you’ve truly taken care of your vehicle is a necessity for any driver. Keeping track of your vehicle’s service appointments pays off in the long run.

Increase Your Trade-In Value

  • Maintenance – Keeping your vehicle operating at peak performance is pertinent for drivers who plan on trading it in for credit on a new car in the future. Maintaining your vehicle regularly helps ensure few problems, peak efficiency, and a smooth ride for years to come, all of which will help increase the trade-in value.
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