Eco-Friendly Car Tips

Eco-friendly Car Tips
Even without hybrid or electric cars, there are ways to be economical about driving. Whether you love the environment or you love saving money, you can do both with these eco-friendly car tips!

Regular Maintenance

If you keep up with regular car maintenance, you’ll be able to conserve gas on the road. You can improve your gas mileage by up to 4% with just a regular tune-up. Keep an eye on more serious problems like weak spark plugs because major problems can decrease your gas mileage by up to 40%.

Gentle Driving

If you practice less aggressive driving habits, you’re sure to save money on fuel. Try gradually braking and gradually accelerating at stoplights in order to burn less fuel. If you use cruise control as often as possible, you’ll also save gas money.

Cooling Habits

Know when to use your air conditioner and when to roll the windows down. For city driving, when you’re going slower, windows down will be the best option to conserve fuel. However, on the highway, windows down cause too much drag, so you’ll want to use air conditioning.

Tire Pressure

Remember, always check your tire pressure! If your tires are too low, they’ll cause more friction and resistance on the road, leading to more burning of gas.

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