The Mythical New BMW M8 May Hit The Road In Just A Couple Of Years

New BMW M8

The rumor mill is buzzing, and BMW fans like the sound. It seems as if the much-anticipated BMW M8 may just hit dealerships as early as 2019, according to BMW Blog, a trusted source of all things BMW.

BMW Blog believes that the new BMW M8 will be available in three different models: an M8 Coupe (F92), M8 Convertible (F91) and M8 Gran Coupe (F93), with the coupe joining the marketplace first in 2019 and the others soon to follow.

The source also claims that the model will be powered by a 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 engine, just like the BMW M550i and the upcoming F90 M5 model, likely with the ability to get up to 600 horsepower. They also believe it’s safe to assume that the BMW M8 will be available with all-wheel-drive, making it a truly diverse model.

Of course, this is after years of speculation and whispers about the BMW M8 which was thought to be a myth for a seriously long time, until those whispers become words from BMW themselves in recent months.

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Image by Frank Derks

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