The BMW i3 Was Just Named 2017 World Urban Car

2017 World Urban Car BMW i3

Each year at the World Car Awards, vehicles from all over the world are honored for their innovative features and strides in technology. This year, a new category was added: 2017 World Urban Car. The first to be chosen for the prestigious honor was none other than the 2017 BMW i3.

The BMW i3 was no doubt aided by its standout feature: its unbeatable fuel economy, which gives it the ability to drive up to 114 miles on battery alone, saving untold amounts of money and lowering one’s impact on the environment. Its game-changing lithium ion battery gets an increased capacity of 50 percent without taking up more physical space.

Perhaps the feature that most greatly contributes to its “urban car” elite status is its compact size, which leads to top-notch maneuverability. Never will you struggle to fit into a tight parking spot behind the wheel of the BMW i3. In urban environments, this feature is nothing short of crucial.

If you’re looking for the dream car to cruise around the city, then the BMW i3 is for you. To learn more about the BMW i3 or to see what other cars BMW currently has in store, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit us anytime, here at BMW of Bowling Green.

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