Grilling Tips for Your Summer Cookout

4th of July summer cookout grilling tips

Many Americans take to the road (some of them in brand new BMWs) for the summer weekends to spend time with friends and family. But many stay home, let everyone else come to them, and have a cookout. If you plan to spend one (or  more) of your summer weekends hosting your own cookout, but haven’t quite mastered the grill, here are a few grilling tips, courtesy of BMW of Bowling Green:

  • Don’t get premade burgers. Sure, it might be easier to feed large groups, but if you make your own burger patties, you’ll have better tasting meat and you can channel your inner Bob Belcher to truly whip up some unique burgers.
  • Get hot, hot, hot. Burgers cook with high heat—don’t be afraid to get your grill flame going strong. Of course, don’t overcook your burgers. Nobody wants to celebrate freedom by munching on a brick.
  • Don’t smash the burger. The movies might have you think that you should make your burger sizzle by flattening it with your spatula, but you’re really just draining all the juices when you do that.
  • Trust your cooking. Don’t rip into each burger to check how done it is. This is the easiest way to ruin a burger—you could accidentally crumble it, and you’ll easily lose some of the good juices.

You don’t just have to cook burgers, brats, and hot dogs on the grill either. Get inventive and try out veggies and more on the grill this summer.

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