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School buses - school driving safety - watch for buses and children

All good things must come to an end. As the sun is setting on the lazy summer days, you’re probably trying to get everything in order for the fresh school year. While you’re packing lunches and checking homework, don’t forget to practice safe driving habits around your local schools. Here are some good rules to follow.


Respect School Zones

The key to back to school driving safety is being aware of your surroundings. That goes for pedestrians, bikers, other vehicles, and speed limits. School zone speed limits are there for a reason, so respect them; drive slowly and stay aware of your surroundings.

Be a Respectful Pedestrian

A safe car-pedestrian environment depends on both those on feet and those on four wheels. Set an example for young students and adults alike by following safety rules. Don’t jaywalk, stay off of your phone when walking, and only cross at crosswalks.

Share the Road

Practice good driving habits in relation to buses and bikers. The law requires that cars leave at least three feet between the vehicle and the biker when passing. Always give a cyclist the right of way at an intersection. Be sure that you always stop with plenty of space between you and each school bus, and be aware of children boarding or leaving.

Leave Early

One of the biggest things that cause drivers to leave good habits behind is traveling in a hurry. Your vehicle from BMW of Bowling Green may be fun to drive fast, but it is more important to drive carefully and slowly when it comes to traveling through school zones. Give yourself plenty of time in your morning commute so you can honor speed zones and driving rules and create a safe environment.


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