BMW Proud to Announce 2012 Olympic Fleet

This summer, London will host the 29th Olympic Games of the modern era.  To celebrate the tradition, BMW will contribute a fleet of vehicles to be utilized at these games.

Firstly, BMW is contributing 1,550 BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics models, which will act as the main command car for the Olympic Torch Relay, as well as playing various roles for cycling events and race doctors.  These nimble diesels post an impressive 68.9 Highway MPG.

Joining the 320d will be the X3 xDrive 20d and the X5 xDrive 30d.  The former will be used primarily as transportation for the boats used in aquatic events, but will also play a supporting role in the Torch Relay.  The latter will be utilized for equestrian events, towing horse ambulances, and providing immediate support on the course.

Shuttles for Olympic athletes and broadcasters will be handled mainly by the all-electric BMW 1 Series ActiveE (EV).  Operating with no tailpipe emissions, the ActiveE will not only provide environmentally friendly transportation for athletes, but will also highlight the 120 new “high speed charge points” that have been installed in key areas around London.

So keep your eyes peeled for BMW’s full fleet of vehicles at the 29th Olympic Games in London!

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