Tips for Buying a Used Car

A used car is an excellent investment, especially for car buyers on a budget. When you go for a low-mileage, newer model year used vehicle, you will be able to enjoy a high level of reliability as well as a lower price tag.

But there are also some tricks that used car buyers often fall victim to. We have put together some tips to keep in mind when buying your next used car so that you get the most for your money:

1. Set a Budget

Whether you are buying new or used, a car is a big expense. It is important to know the amount you are willing to and can afford to spend before you even get to the dealership. In addition, consider other costs that come with buying a used car, like tax, title, registration, potential insurance rate increases, and warranty plans.

2. Look for Certified Pre-Owned Models

Unlike other used cars, Certified Pre-Owned vehicles have to pass a thorough and multi-step inspection put forth by the manufacturer. If the vehicle does not pass these standards, it will not be certified. Choosing a Certified model ensures that you will be receiving the best quality used car of that make.

3. Get a History Report of the Car

Once you have found a used car that you are interested in, make sure to check its history. Located the vehicle’s VIN number on the instrument panel and on the driver’s door – the numbers should match! Next, use the NHTSA’s website, CARFAX, or AutoCheck to research the history of the car.

4. Do Your Research

In addition to the vehicle’s history, it is important to research what the car is actually worth. Sites like Kelley Blue Book allow you to see the worth of the car based on the year, make, model, and condition.

5. Inspect the Car

Now that you know the vehicle’s history and value, do your own analysis of the car’s condition. Keep your eyes peeled for dents, scratches, and any other kinds of damage. Take a look at the tires, the paint, the seats and pay attention to the drive quality during the test drive.

Now that you are an expert on buying a used car, stop by BMW of Bowling Green to find the right model for you! 

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