And the 2011 US Top Luxury Brand is…BMW!

After battling fierce competitors, such as Toyota and Mercedes Benz, BMW has come out on top.  BMW Group has just been named the 2011 top luxury brand car dealer in the United States.

BMW of North American Chief Executive, Ludwig Willisch commented, “BMW Group sales momentum has been increasing all year and this new burst of consumer confidence filled our dealer showrooms putting ‘BMW over the top.’”

BMW showed strength in 2011 with a total of 247,907 sales in the U.S.  This total topped Mercedes Benz by about 3,000 luxury cars.  BMW’s strength continued in the last month of 2011, with a 15% increase in sales.

Contributing to BMW’s success is the record number of incentives that BMW offered to customers in 2011. In fact, BMW increased their incentives by 25%.

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