BMW ECO PRO Saves Fuel and Money

The innovative BMW ECO PRO has officially arrived.  ECO PRO is a function of iDrive that helps drivers increase fuel efficiency and thus save money. 

When drivers press the “Driving Experience Control” switch, ECO PRO is activated and reduces the amount of energy being used by all the electric features in the car, such as the electric seats and heated rear window. 

On the ECO PRO screen, a BMW economy gauge displays information on the amount of gas being saved.  When gas is being saved, the gauge dives into the blue zone.  In addition, a readout of information in blue shows drivers of how many miles the vehicle is getting with the amount of fuel in the tank.

Even more unique is the ECO PRO’s ability to teach drivers how to driver more efficiently.  On the display screen, tips and hints on how to improve their driving styles are given.  So if you like to brake and accelerate aggressively, beware:  ECO PRO might scold you for it and tell you what to do instead.

ECO PRO is standard on the BMW 1 Series and 3 Series and on the 4- and 6-cylinder 5 Series and 6 Series Sedan and Touring.


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