BMW Helping New Graduates

There are many college graduates who are struggling today.  Many are experiencing accumulated student loans to repay, along with a competitive job market.  Unfortunately, some are still unemployed or are taking jobs they are considered under-qualified for.  There are also the graduates actually starting their careers, but only earning entry-level salary while having to repay loans.  It can be a tough period for anyone in this situation.

The BMW Group Financial Services has implemented a new program to help fresh graduates.  The College Graduate program is allowing graduates to lease and loan a BMW or Mini, new or pre-owned, for the best rates available.  The company realizes the importance of the entry-level market, while wanting to reward their efforts for completing college. 

Graduates must meet a certain criteria to receive the College Graduate program.  They must have graduated from an accredited college or university with either an undergraduate or graduate degree within the last 12 months.  A copy of the diploma or official transcript is required for verification. 

Current students who are eligible for graduation within the next four months from an accredited institution can also participate in the College Graduate program.  However, they must be able to prove an offer of employment beginning after graduation. 

Graduates must also have proof of income or a letter from an employer, a minimum of 24 months of credit, and completed a credit application for approval for the program. 

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