World-Class Sealant, Cilajet, Now Available at BMW of Bowling Green

CilajetBMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine and therefore deserves the best when it comes to protection and detailing. Why settle for anything less when you can receive a world-class aviation-grade sealant right at your local BMW dealer, BMW of Bowling Green?

Cilajet is a new, special sealant product that is used for commercial aerospace and is Boeing approved. Now, customers can use this same sealant on their cars! Unlike other waxes, Cilajet is anti-corrosive and bonds to surfaces at a micron level. As a result, this sealant resists everything from raw egg, bird dropping, and hard water, to acid rain, bugs, and rust.

Plus, Cilajet has a solution that can be used on the interior of your car as well, making your entire ride fully protected and ready to roll.

Cilajet cannot be purchased in stores, so come on out to BMW of Bowling Green to find out more about this amazing product! 

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