BMW of Bowling Green Takes Part in Newspaper in Education

BMW of Bowling Green Newspaper in EducationCar dealerships often become a staple in the local community. After all, they tend to be in business for many years, usually decades, and help people make one of the most important and life-impacting purchases: a new or used car. BMW of Bowling Green is no exception and is proud to be located in the heart of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

As a way to say thank you to and support the local community, BMW of Bowling Green recently joined forces with an educational program called “Newspaper in Education”. Through this initiative, BMW of Bowling is able to provide newspapers every week to a local fifth grade Language Arts class at Jody Richards Elementary.

Brett Denver, General Manager of BMW of Bowling Green, made a trip to Jody Richards to personally kick off the Newspaper in Education program and to explain to the students the importance of working hard in school and listening to the direction of their teacher. By giving each student a newspaper every week, BMW of Bowling Green is exemplifying to the students the importance of real-world learning and how reading and comprehension skills will be highly valuable even after they graduate.

The students’ teacher, Ms. Kim Taylor, is very thankful for the support given by Brett and BMW of Bowling Green. As she puts it, the newspaper is helpful, “for spotting spelling and vocabulary words. The newspaper is a great way to get kids to see that learning extends outside the classroom.”

For more information about this great program, visit BMW of Bowling Green is proud to participate in this program and to help the young minds of Bowling Green learn and grow!

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