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These days, there seems to be an app for everything. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Mobile apps make like easier in many ways, even when cruising down the freeway in your BMW.

Enter BMW mobile apps: much like other applications that you use on a regular basis, BMW apps are meant to provide a connection to the different components of your life. Whether it is accessing Facebook in the car or unlocking your car from inside your house, BMW has an app to make it happen.

BMW AppsFirstly, let’s talk about BMW Link. This innovative app works through BMW’s in-car touch-screen interface. It combines all of your music, telephone, and navigation needs.  Just plug in your iPod and sync your playlists and songs – you can now access them right from the touch-screen. Put your iPhone in the phone holder and all of your contacts will be imported. Using the car’s speakers for audio, you can now make calls hands-free. And of course, having on-screen navigation makes driving around that much easier.

Next there is BMW Connected, an app that gives you a direct link to your online life. Again, this app works by syncing information from your iPhone with BMW’s iDrive controller and touch-screen display. Using the controller, you can navigate through your Facebook page, Twitter profile, and calendar. You can even have it set up so that BMW Connected will play status updates and tweets through text-to-speech technology, providing another level of safety and convenience. You can also access internet radio and news RSS feeds through BMW Connected.

Last but certainly not least is My BMW Remote. This app takes away many of the worries that come with driving. Sync this app with your BMW and you will benefit from remote door lock/unlock, remote flash light, and vehicle finder. So if you are away from your car and realize that you forgot to lock your doors, just access My BMW Remote. Can’t find your car in the parking lot? Remote flash light will turn on your car’s headlights and vehicle finder will display the location of your car on a map. My BMW Remote also allows for remote climate control and Google Local search.

Think the Ultimate Driving Machine is defined only by engine options and trim levels? Think again. Thanks to BMW apps, your Ultimate Driving Machine is also the leader in convenience and comfort. Check out the BMW USA website for more information on BMW Apps or call BMW of Bowling Green at (866) 212-3047. 

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