Driving in the Snow

Winter DrivingIsn’t it wonderful to look out of the window and see a winter wonderland stretching out before you, icy white snowflakes slowly falling to the ground? Sure it is, except when you have to drive through it!

Winter driving can be quite tricky and often dangerous as well. A miscalculated turn or an abrupt stop can mean a fender bender or worst for your vehicle.

In order to prevent a winter accident, follow these tips to make driving in the snow as safe as possible:

Get the most out of your brakes

Antilock brakes are made to improve driving safety. Learn to use them properly to get the most out of the ABS. When approaching a stop on an icy or snowy road, stomp on your brake pedal, keep your foot there, and steer. You can hear or feel the ABS system as work. When you feel the pulsing is slowing down, you can ease off of the pedal.

Don’t steer to much or over steer

When you feel that your car is slipping, it is a natural reaction to grab the wheel and give it a powerful turn. This can cause the car to slide in whatever direction it is facing when it regains traction. A good rule of thumb is to not over steer, which can cause a harmful slip of the car.

Keep your eyes peeled

Even if a roadway doesn’t seem to be too laden with snow does not mean that it is safe. Black ice, bridges, and intersections can all be invisible dangers. Remember to slow down and be cautious on trigger areas and always be on the watch for black ice.

Stay equipped

Planning ahead and being prepared can put you at an advantage when the first snowfall hits. Make sure that your windshield washer system has anti-icing fluid, replace old windshield wipers, make sure you have an ice scraper handy, ensure that all headlights and taillights are in working condition, and always drive with a half tank of gas or more to prevent getting stranded in severe winter conditions.

So there you have it, your winter driving cheat sheet. We at BMW of Bowling Green wish you safe driving this winter and don’t forget to stop by the Service Department for any of your car winterizing needs!

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