BMW i8 blends sportscar and hybrid together for the first time at BMW.

BMW is no stranger to the hybrid car. In fact many of its current hybrids have won numerous awards for their design and eco-friendly standing in the automobile industry. But we hear at BMW of Bowling Green are proud to announce, that next year, BMW will be taking a step in a new direction and going where no other BMW model has gone before, by introducing their first ever…hybrid sportscar.

BMW revealed the new BMW i8 Spyder concept during the North American International Auto Show as a two drive system sporty two door. When working in unison with both electric motors, the i8 Spyder will produce 393 horsepower and an amazing 406 lbs of torque. Top speed is rumored to be close to 156 with a 0-60 mph expected of 4.9 seconds, this new BMW hybrid definitely contains a little bit of gitty up.

Running on pure electric power only, the BMW i8 can manage at least 20 miles before switching to standard fuel, and is expected to achieve high 30s – 40s MPG. There’s no doubt the new BMW i8 holds up to the same standards BMW expects from their roadster models, as well as the eco-friendly expectations of their hybrid class models.

Check out all of BMW’s current hybrid models on their hybrids page or feel free to Contact Us here at BMW of Bowling Green with any questions!


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