BMW Z2 model rumors hum to life once again!

We here a BMW of Bowling Green love all of our models equally, but there’s a special place in our heart for roadsters. There’s no better feeling than cruising down the road on a warm summer day with the top down and the wind blowing through your hair! So when we hear whispers of new roadster models we can’t help but share it with all of you!

Over the past few days, the rumor mill has hummed back to life with new renderings and information on the BMW Z2 model roadster. Rumors on the BMW Z2 roadster have jumped all over during these past few years, debating whether the Z2 roadster was confirmed or dead in the water. A representative from Autocar (UK magazine) stated last month stating a model similar to the Z3 was being considered and was quoted stating “It is of similar size to the E36/7 [the codename for the original Z3] but is planned to use the front-wheel-drive platform to keep costs down and achieve a margin level that ensures it is sustainable at comparatively low production volumes”.

If put in production, BMW hopes to keep costs down by implementing a new front-wheel drive platform which will help it compete with other smaller roadsters such as successful Mazda models. Rumors are also circling on the size of the engine, some of which believe the BMW Z2 roadster will be equipped with a four cylinder 2.0 liter giving roughly 170 – 300 horsepower.

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