BMW offers loaner cars to new i3 owners

The BMW i3 is a highly anticipated electric car scheduled to release some time in 2014. This fully electric car runs solely off a 180-horse power electric motor combined with a lithium ion battery pack. All in all the entire system is estimated to take four to six hours to recharge and will offer between 80 to 100 miles on a single charge. Although this is great for BMW’s push to make better electric cars to reduce carbon footprint, it does leave one question in buyer’s minds; what would I do on longer trips?

Since the United States isn’t covered in charging stations (not yet at least), consumers who rely on this model car as there only means of transportation were limited by where they could go (roughly 40-50 miles each way). This is not a problem for everyday work commuting but for any drive longer than an hour this meant a massive problem.

To solve this issue, BMW is allowing new i3 buyers a free gasoline loaner vehicle to help out when they need to take a trip for an extended distance. Currently, BMW has no decided on whether or not the times allowed to loan a vehicle will be limited or infinite, and for how long or how far you can loan the car. We here at BMW of Bowling Green are very excited to see the i3 released next year and we hope you are too!

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