BMW X4 Concepts Images leaked

When car fans get excited about a new model or concept, it’s not uncommon for every detail of that car to get leaked early. Thanks to the power of the internet, BMW is no different. Originally scheduled to be revealed during the Shanghai Motor Show in a few weeks, initial concept images of the BMW X4 were leaked ahead of schedule. Before these images hit the internet, the only details BMW enthusiasts had to go off of was a few images showing a slightly smaller X6 shape. These new images can be viewed at

From these leaked images, you can tell that the BMW X4 isn’t going to vary from the current BMW models but will contain some slight adjustments. Expected to hit production relatively unaltered from these concept photos, future BMW X4 drivers can expect a mix of 3 Series, X3, and X6 look and feel blended together in the BMW X4 creation. As far as size metrics go, the X4 will reach the same length as the X3 and will most likely contain the same engine details as well. Check out our website to see images of the 3 Series, X3, and X6 to see where BMW got their inspiration, and make sure to check back on our blog for more information as it releases!

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