BMW 435i Coupe spied showing a little more body than usual!

With many of the new 2014 models, and later year concepts finally being seen in testing and out on the tracks, we’ve been able to get a good look at a number of never before seen models! For example, BMW fans were able to snap a few photos of the new BMW 435i Coupe which is sporting an “M” BMW body style. This 4 Series Coupe isn’t scheduled to debut until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. If the few spy shots that are available show some signs of the “M Sport” body style including LED headlights with squared corona rings, sports breaking system, and the regular sleek design of the 4 series.

The M sport package will also bring along some alterations to the trim (both interior and exterior), both front and rear bumpers, diffuser, steering wheel, seats, and gear lever for those who chose to the manual transmission models. You can see the handful of spy shots at!

With the excitement of the new models growing for fans worldwide and here at home at BMW of Bowling Green, we can only expect more and more information in the coming weeks so check back over the next few weeks!

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