BMW and Solarwatt Now Offer Guilt-free EV Charging

Last year when BMW and the Colorado Company struck up an agreement to facilitate its solar-powered charging for their upcoming plug-in vehicles, they’ve done the same with a company from Germany.

Solarwatt is based in Dresden, Germany and they are working on providing solar-panel systems on the roofs of people’s homes and carpots for the i3 and i8 plug-ins. The partnerships 360° ELECTRIC-branded systems make for an “aesthetic solution with innovative glass-glass modules” Solarwatt says. The sunlight will eventually turn into vehicle juice. With these new adaptations, BMW is hoping to take charging EV vehicles to a new level and continue to take a step in the, environmentally, right direction. This new form of charging will hopefully be ready and feasible for the next round of EV cars released by BMW.

BMW is also teaming up with ChargePoint and DriveNow for the Bay Area Sustainability Hackathon. They plan to “build apps, mobile apps and hacks to address some of the issues surround electric vehicles and EV charging.”

The i3 battery-electric will begin selling this year but the i8, which is the plug-in hybrid, will start selling in 2014. BMW has also unveiled a coupe concept for the i3 at the Los Angeles Auto Show this past November.

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