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What’s the farthest you’ve ever drifted in your car? Long enough to earn you a Guinness World Record? Probably not—the newest record is a little hard to beat. (And that’s an understatement.)

That’s right, a new drifting record has been set, and we at BMW of Bowling Green are honored to announce that it was set by BMW’s very own Performance Centre driving instructor, Johan Schwartz. Just how far did he drift? 82.520 km! (That’s a little over 51.25 miles—we had to check, too!)

This astounding record was set in an all-new BMW M5 that was equipped with an M-DCT transmission, slippery skid pads, and ultra-high performance Continental tires. He lapped the track at the BMW Performance Centre an incredible 322.5 times. In doing so, Schwartz and BMW raised over $20,000 for the BMW Charity Pro-Am.

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of drifting and other performance driving techniques? Check out the BMW M Performance Driving School in Spartanburg, South Carolina, or slide in to BMW of Bowling Green today, and we’ll show you all the basics!

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