BMW Electric vehicles may hit road blocks in Germany

Here in the Unites States, although slow, we’re making big strides to make the auto industry greener and leave a much smaller carbon footprint on our planet for future generations. This includes better hybrid cars, fully electric models (which although slow are gaining popularity), and overall lower carbon emission standards for all vehicles. BMW has been at the forefront of this movement with its innovations in the BMW “i” Series, but in its home country of Germany, these new electric models may struggle to gain popularity amongst the public.

Norbert Reithofer, BMW CEO, is working hard to get his fellow Germans to accept the idea of the new fully electric “i” Series plug in cars. The current slogan BMW is giving to the German citizens is “Embrace the plug”. Not exactly the catchiest phrase but it gets the point across! Whether the electric trend will catch on is still yet to be known, but with many other European countries falling in line many believe that Germany will eventually follow suit. Once electric cars shrugs off the stereotype of being nothing more than a trend, we here at BMW of Bowling Green believe that many more countries will jump in line.

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