BMW develops M Power App

Technology and vehicles have always coexisted. Whether you’re talking about the first turn signal, the first break light, Anti-locking breaks, on board GPS units, or anymore of the hundreds of other technological advances that work seamlessly with your vehicle every time you pull out of the driveway. Over the past few years, with the increase popularity of smart phones, many of us at BMW of Bowling Green and other BMW drivers have been searching hard for mobile apps that might make their driving easier as well. Previously this has been reserved to music players and GPS apps, but not anymore thanks to BMW!

Available this summer, BMW will be releasing the all new M Power App! The M Power App, available solely for Apple iPhone users, will allow BMW drivers to track their performance on everyday streets or on designated tracks. The M Power App will use in car sensors to record data on acceleration and braking applications while offering head to head comparisons to others who use the app. The new app will also show drivers steering angles and lap speeds which can all be stored for bragging rights! The new M Power App will be compatible with all newer BMWs equipped with the BMW Apps option as long as the phone is tethered in. BMW has stated that data will not be available while driving for the driver’s safety.

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