Perfect engagement for cars fans! With Autocross and BMW’s

Every girl dreams of their wedding day. What colors they should use, what food to serve, the cake, the dress, band or DJ, outdoor or indoor, the list goes on and on. Months and sometimes even years are spent into planning the perfect wedding; but what many people don’t know is that chances are the groom put almost as much thought into how he will propose to the love of his life. It can either be low key somewhere romantic, or a huge surprise with music, the entire family, and anything else he can think of to go over the top. But in our opinion here at BMW of Bowling Green, it’s the simple proposals that go along perfectly with what both of you love that are the best, and that’s exactly how Jake Wile popped the question to his girlfriend Maggie during their Autocross car club run.

That’s right, Jake popped the question right after him and Maggie, his co-driver, finished their timed lap during a BMW Car Club of America event in Boston. Autocrossing takes a lot of focus and concentration, we could only imagine how hard it must have been focusing on the road with that ring burning a hole through your pocket! After finishing the course with his co-driver’s encouragements, Jake got down on one knee (well as best you can in a BMW) and popped the question! After an emotional “Yes” and a short celebration, Jake drove his new fiancé around the track to the cheers of their fellow BMW club friends! Look below to see the whole video, it truly is the perfect proposal…for BMW autocross fans at least!

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