BMW working to create Airbag Motorcycle Suits

Today we’re going to switch gears (gears…get it? Ok all bad jokes aside) from our usual entries where we talk about plant production, new model changes, 2014 models, or currently available BMW vehicles and talk about a different side of the BMW family tree; their motorcycle division. Now when people say the word motorcycle, many people think of Hogs sporting the Harley logo or Honda street racers, but BMW has a fantastic line of luxurious bikes that can really get your blood pumping and your adrenaline flowing! But there is one thing on all riders’ minds no matter what type of motorcycle they prefer to cruise the highways on, and that’s safety.

Addressing concerns from many of its customers, BMW has set out to create and produce a new riding suit that will include airbags…yes we said airbags. BMW Motorrad is teaming up with Dainese to create a suit, based off of the Dainese’s D-air Protect System, which will deploy inflatable protectors in 15 milliseconds in the event of an accident. The one piece rider suit will be presented during the EICMA motorcycle show in November once all appropriate crash testing has been completed. Along with the riding suit, BMW and Dainese have entered into a long term partnership to develop even more safety equipment in the future to further protect their motorcycle fans! We here at BMW of Bowling Green can’t wait to see whats in store!

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