BMW 4 Series First Drive

The BMW 4 Series has been the center of a lot of attention, both across the country and here at BMW of Bowling Green, in the past few months for its new design ideas, technology innovations and other upgrades and today we’re going to take a bit of a deeper look into what exactly you can expect from the newest series to the BMW family. The BMW 4 Series, sticking with their usual number system, will primarily be a two door version of the 3 series but we say that lightly considering the 4 series comes with a lot of new changes.

The 4 Series will be strengthening the dynamic virtues of its F30 chassis to try and further remove itself from its sedan series brothers and sisters. Many believe that after getting behind the wheel of one of these new 4 series, calling it “3 series coupe” doesn’t bring the brand segment justice. The 4 Series will come with a 110.6 inch wheelbase and an overall length of 182.5 inches. The 4 series’ width was increased to 71.8 inches (slightly bigger than the 3 series sedan…slightly) and its height is coming at 54.2 inches.  So overall, the car will be fairly similar in overall size to the 3 series but will come with a lot of difference when it comes to its sleek design. It seems the only similarity to its 3 series brother will be its basic appearance.

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