BMW i8 to do very well in US

We’ve spoken about the new BMW i8 several times here at BMW of Bowling Green, and excitement is stirring up again with its up and coming showing at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Many BMW fans are getting pretty restless when it comes to seeing the second i model as a full production version. Due to the hype it’s received, BMW predicts that one of the i8’s strongest markets will be the United States, followed closely with the United Kingdom and then Germany. But, according to Automotive News Europe, the Chinese market is nowhere to be seen on the list which is rather unusual.

Hendrik Wnders, the i8 product manager, has mentioned to several media outlets that “The United States will be by far the largest sales market for the i8”. Although BMW seems to be putting a lot of its eggs in the United States market metaphorical basket, no one has yet to mention what percentage they actually believe the market will hold when it comes to worldwide sales. We’ll have more information for all of our valued readers once the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show gets underway, but you can start looking for the new 2014 BMW i8 to hit showrooms here in the United States in around nine months!

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