BMW X5 eDrive Concept heads to Frankfurt

Its no surprise that automakers love auto shows (we love them here at BMW of Bowling Green too!) and no one loves to make a grand entrance as much as BMW does! This year during the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW will be making a spectacular showing by bringing six confirmed scheduled public debuts to the table. The primary focus of interest at this particular motor show, will be the plug in hybrid version of the new BMW X5 dubbed the “BMW Concept X5 eDrive”. This concept vehicle will be the second concept created by BMW to sport the eDrive name.

The X5 will combine a 95 horsepower electric motor with a four cylinder engine to help it balance its performance with fuel efficiency. BMW has stated that the eDrive system will allow the BMW X5 eDrive to reach speeds of 75 miles per hour and a range of 19 miles under electric power only. That’s not the only green aspect of the new concept, normal fuel consumption is expected to reach 62 miles per gallon US which is nothing to leave out! The BMW X5 eDrive can hit 0-60 in roughly seven seconds and will have three separate PHEV modes to further improve the vehicles efficiency even farther. Keep checking back for more information, we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we get more information!

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