Stylish BMW i3 Looks to Gain Attention of U.S. Car Buyers

After captivating the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the BMW i3 has gained a lot of attention.  With an absolutely unique, one-of-a-kind look about it, BMW’s electric hatchback intends to convince those remaining doubters that emissions-free driving is the way of the future by also showing them just how stylish BMW i3 can be.

“The kind of person who is environmentally conscious wants people to notice that their car is different,” Mike Omotoso, an industry forecaster, told The New York Times.  Mr. Omotoso, of LMC Automotive, an American automobile market research company, also tells the Times that the fresh design of the i3 is reminiscent of the Prius for its ability to convey the notion of green energy progress through its design language.

LMC Automotive is predicting that BMW will only sell around 5,000 i3s in North America during the first year and will endure growing pains with a car buying public that largely sees electric cars as a supplemental option to a traditional gas-powered vehicle.

The BMW i3 does everything in its power to shake the EV stigma by bringing a forward-thinking look to the table, with a carbon fiber body, spacious interior, and sharp silver/black color scheme.  So what do you think: would a stylish standout like the stylish BMW i3 be enough for you to consider making the switch to electric?  We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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