BMW Revs Up the Fun with M Laptimer App

Just when you thought driving a BMW couldn’t get any better, BMW releases the M Laptimer app on the iOS store. The app, which BMW made sure to say was “intended for off-road use only,” but will of course be used on-road by many, many people, automatically tracks laps and lap times on basically any closed circuit route.

If you drive a car that has BMW Apps connectivity, you can download the M Laptimer app for free. You can enhance your connectivity by syncing your data with a friend’s for a little friendly competition or even posting your results and data to Facebook or Twitter.

As BMW releases the M Laptimer app, which is a gorgeous and highly functional application that beautifully syncs your phone and your car’s data in real time, we look forward into the future. This little app may mostly just be for fun, but it points to big things on the way in the form of computer and car crosspollination.

BMW M Laptimer App

BMW M Laptimer App allows friendly competition.

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