The New MINI F56: Perfect for a Heist

You may know the iconic MINI Cooper from its starring role in The Italian Job. The new MINI F56 debuted at the LA Auto Show. If you always pictured yourself driving a MINI in that masterful heist, we think you’ll be even more impressed by the new model.

The new MINI has seen several upgrades in size. Its length grew by 98 millimeters with the width and height increasing by several millimeters as well.

Though navigating the MINI through a subway tunnel would still likely prove to be a tight squeeze, you could drive comfortably in redesigned seats that allow for greater adjustment.

Importantly, the luggage compartment where you would store your gold bricks has grown dramatically from 51 liters to 211.

Of course, we at BMW of Bowling Green aren’t condoning stealing gold. However, we have to admit that the new MINI F56 is the ideal vehicle for all of your legal escapades.

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