How to Bring Home the Perfect Christmas Tree

The family picked the perfect Christmas tree. Dad bravely struggled to chop it down. It’s been purchased and netted. Now you just have to figure out how to get it home. Let us at BMW of Bowling Green help you with that.

  1. Lay a plastic sheet or other covering on the roof of your vehicle to protect the paint and finish.
  2. Before the family grabs a cup of hot chocolate to warm up, get them to help you lift the tree to the middle of the roof with the trunk facing forward. This will help prevent branches from breaking off as you drive. Gloves will allow you to get a good grip on the tree and protect your hands from needles and sap.
  3. Secure the tree to the top of the vehicle with rope. Open the car doors and thread the rope over the tree and under the roof. Knot the rope securely and leave any excess inside the vehicle.
  4. Place a red flag or handkerchief on the end of the tree if it extends beyond the length of your car.
  5. Drive home carefully. Your tree should be secure on the top of the car, but now isn’t the best time to set a new record time for driving home.

With these steps, we hope you enjoy the adventure of picking and decorating your Christmas tree without stressing about getting it home.

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