BMW President Says i3 Is Greenest Car

In the world of luxury electric cars, there is a subtle battle going on behind the scenes. BMW and its main electric rival, Tesla, are debating which brand is more environmentally-friendly.

Recently at the Detroit Auto Show, Ludwig Willisch, BMW’s North American chief said that the electric BMW i3 is the “greenest” car on the market. Even greener than the Tesla Model S. To support his claim, Willisch spoke about the production process of the car, which utilizes recyclable materials in the car and hydropower at the Moses Lake carbon fiber plant in Washington.

In speaking with Automotive News, Willisch also said that “the Tesla Model S is very heavy on the braking. Our car feels just like a normal car. That’s a big difference when it comes to driving.”

However, Willisch does have one positive thing to say about Tesla. He called the brand a “nice snowplow for us,” and not because it has magnificent off-road capabilities, but because the Tesla brand been great in opening the door for public acceptance of electric driving.

What do you think? Is the BMW i3 greener than the Tesla Model S? Keep checking in for the latest news and for hopefully some available models right here at BMW of Bowling Green!

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