2018 BMW Lineup Preview: What’s Next?

2018 BMW lineup

2018 BMW lineup

The 2018 BMW lineup is expected to contain some exciting changes. Here’s a sampling of the things to come, based on both released information and hints that have made their way to the rumor mill.

BMW X7: BMW is adding full-size luxury to its crossover lineup with this massive three-row ride, which will come with several powerful engine options in addition to a luxurious and comfortable interior comparable to a VIP limousine. Experts speculate over a possible hybrid variant.

BMW Z4: This is one of the more mysterious of BMW’s upcoming nameplates. All we know is it’ll be a rear-wheel-drive convertible with a possible roadster variant, and it’s the result of a collaboration with Toyota on the other brand’s new Supra. The vehicles are said to share components.

BMW M5: The latest introduction to the M performance lineup, this sports sedan comes packed with features like a twin-turbo V8 that cranks out more than 600 horsepower, as well as a more lightweight build designed for tearing up the road with superior handling.

If you’re excited for the upcoming 2018 BMW lineup, keep an eye on us here at BMW of Bowling Green. We’re sure to have the latest news as soon as it rolls out – and the latest vehicles as soon as they launch.

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Fun Thanksgiving Traditions and Activities for Families

Fun Thanksgiving Traditions

Fun Thanksgiving Traditions

Tired of the same old traditions of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and stuffing yourself silly on Thanksgiving? While those traditions are classic and shouldn’t be completely thrown to the side, you might be looking for some new, fun Thanksgiving traditions to give your family something unique to do on holidays. Here are a few out-of-the-box Thanksgiving traditions to help you celebrate this year.

Create a Gratitude Tree

Thanksgiving is, after all, all about giving thanks. This is an easy arts and crafts project; just make a wall display of a tree out of brown construction paper, then have family members write what they’re grateful for on cut-out leaves. Then, assemble it all together!

Make a Personalized Tablecloth

Have your family write and draw on a tablecloth to create something unique and personal for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Volunteer and/or Donate

Make Thanksgiving about the joy of giving by having your family donate old belongings to shelters or volunteer to help feed food-insecure families during the holidays.

A History Lesson

Have a more educational Thanksgiving by teaching your kids about the origins of the holiday and the founding of the United States.

Visit a Nursing Home

Many older people, especially in nursing homes, don’t get to see their families during the holidays, so why not pay them a visit?


Try out these fun Thanksgiving traditions to create a new family activity that will make this fall holiday season uniquely your own. From all of us at BMW of Bowling Green, we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

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Scenic Fall Drives Near Bowling Green, KY

Scenic Fall Drives Near Bowling Green, KY - girl and dog playing in leaves

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The air gets just crisp enough for a bonfire night, you can pick pumpkins at local farms, and apple cider and apple pie are in season. Perhaps best of all, the trees change into a fiery burst of color during this time of year. If you want to embrace the seasonal colors of nature, check out these scenic fall drives near Bowling Green.

Duncan Hines Scenic Byway

This looping route begins and ends at the Duncan Hines historical marker in front of Hardy and Sons Funeral Home. This 80-mile route takes you through a rural railroad town, campgrounds and rivers, and even Mammoth Cave National Park.

Cordell Hull Highway

Another route that involves Mammoth Cave, this highway showcases historic sites such as the Old Mulkey Meetinghouse and even the grave of Daniel Boone’s sister.

US 68 Scenic Byway

The Bluegrass region of Kentucky takes center stage on 68, taking you past rolling pastures and along notable twists and turns that used to be a buffalo tracer. Keep your eyes open for the unique limestone rock fences built by Irish stone masons.

Check out these scenic fall drives near Bowling Green, Kentucky for a taste of the brilliant autumn foliage. And if you need a car to take you there, stop by BMW of Bowling Green.

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2018 BMW M5 Reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show

BMW M5 reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show - BMW of Bowling Green, KYThe 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show took place in September. While several automakers were at the show, BMW stole the spotlight when the brand unveiled the premiere of the new 2018 M5. Set to be available for purchase by spring 2018, the BMW M5 reveal gave audiences and enthusiasts all kinds of information about the all-new sedan, including the model that debuted in Frankfurt – the F90 M5 in striking Marina Bay Blue.

From the moment you see the 2018 BMW M5’s aggressive design, it’s unmistakable, with features like a carbon fiber roof and 20-inch wheels. With a twin-turbocharged V8 engine under the hood that cranks out 600 horsepower, the BMW M5 has enough power and performance to match its confident styling. With a transmission and suspension tuned just for track-ready thrills, the M5 is also the fastest BMW on record, with the ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 3.2 seconds.

The BMW M5 reveal is big news for sports car enthusiasts. With BMW’s M Division of performance cars backing up the nameplate and a top speed of up to 189 mph with the available M Driver’s Package, the 2018 BMW M5 is sure to deliver a kind of driving experience you won’t forget. Keep an eye out for its launch here at BMW of Bowling Green.

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What’s New In The 2018 BMW X3 Series

2018 BMW X3 Series in Bowling Green, KY

Crossovers are one of the most popular types of vehicles on today’s market, so competition between brands is intense. But as a luxury brand that has no trouble standing out, BMW keeps playing it cool with their sophisticated and smart X3 Series crossover. Still, that doesn’t keep this brand from introducing irresistible updates to the newest model year. Here’s what we’re looking forward to at BMW of Bowling Green in the new 2018 BMW X3 Series.

The third generation of the BMW X3 Series gets significant updates to is powertrain and to its lineup of technology. Two new engine options offer satisfying performances, from the 248-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder to the available 355-horsepower turbocharged in-line six-cylinder. The 2018 BMW X3 Series also offers a new high-end M Performance model.

BMW vehicles often offer generous features and amenities in their base-level trims. The new BMW X3 Series gets even more of these, including now-standard three-zone climate control. This crossover also introduces options like ventilated front seats and the BMW infotainment system with a 10.25-inch touch screen.

The 2018 BMW X3 Series will hit dealerships this November. Stay tuned for updates and to be one of the first to take the third-edition of this popular crossover for a test drive at BMW of Bowling Green.

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Back to School Driving Safety

School buses - school driving safety - watch for buses and children

All good things must come to an end. As the sun is setting on the lazy summer days, you’re probably trying to get everything in order for the fresh school year. While you’re packing lunches and checking homework, don’t forget to practice safe driving habits around your local schools. Here are some good rules to follow.


Respect School Zones

The key to back to school driving safety is being aware of your surroundings. That goes for pedestrians, bikers, other vehicles, and speed limits. School zone speed limits are there for a reason, so respect them; drive slowly and stay aware of your surroundings.

Be a Respectful Pedestrian

A safe car-pedestrian environment depends on both those on feet and those on four wheels. Set an example for young students and adults alike by following safety rules. Don’t jaywalk, stay off of your phone when walking, and only cross at crosswalks.

Share the Road

Practice good driving habits in relation to buses and bikers. The law requires that cars leave at least three feet between the vehicle and the biker when passing. Always give a cyclist the right of way at an intersection. Be sure that you always stop with plenty of space between you and each school bus, and be aware of children boarding or leaving.

Leave Early

One of the biggest things that cause drivers to leave good habits behind is traveling in a hurry. Your vehicle from BMW of Bowling Green may be fun to drive fast, but it is more important to drive carefully and slowly when it comes to traveling through school zones. Give yourself plenty of time in your morning commute so you can honor speed zones and driving rules and create a safe environment.


Looking for a new back to school vehicle? Stop by BMW of Bowling Green today.

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2017 BMW 5 Series Safety

2017 BMW 5 Series safety

The BMW 5 Series is one of the safest vehicles on the road, earning a Top Safety Pick+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The IIHS awards this designation to vehicles that earn Good ratings in all crash test categories, an advanced or superior rating for front crash prevention, and an acceptable or good headlight rating.

The BMW 5 Series earned top ratings in all these categories, including a coveted good rating for its headlights—a hard feat to achieve—and a superior rating for its front crash prevention system, which includes City Collision Mitigation and Extended Collision Mitigation.

That’s not all the BMW 5 Series has to offer in terms of safety. The 5 Series also comes with a range of standard and available safety features, including other driver assist features like Brake Assist, Lane Departure Warning, and auto-leveling headlights. The 5 Series even comes with night vision to help you see in the dark. All of these features work to reduce your chance of colliding with other cars by improving your vision and helping you stay on track.

To find out more about BMW’s safety technologies, give us a call today at BMW of Bowling Green.

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Bowling Green Racing Venues

Bowling Green racing

If you drive a BMW, chances are it goes pretty fast—and what better way to let your BMW’s incredible power loose than by hitting a race track? There are a few racing venues here in Bowling Green, Kentucky, so if you’re a local resident, you live nearby, or you’re just visiting from out of town, stop by with your BMW to one of these tracks.

One of these great Bowling Green racing venues is NCM Motorsports Park, located on Grimes Road. At 3.2 miles long and with 24 corners, this track is one of the best in the country; it’s the perfect balance of fun and challenging. The Micheline TrackX program lets you drive your own car—or you can get the Xtreme Xperience and borrow a supercar for the ride.

There’s also the Beech Bend Raceway on Beech Bend Road, one of the oldest drag strips in the country. They hold drag racing on Sunday afternoons and Fun & Grudge racing on Tuesday and Saturday nights, so don’t miss it.

If you don’t drive a sports car but you can’t wait to get on one of these premier racetracks, we’d love to get you in a sporty BMW today. Call to schedule a test drive at BMW of Bowling Green, and we’ll help you find the right racer for you.

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The BMW 8 Series Is Back After 19 Long Years

BMW 8 Series Coupe

BMW 8 Series Coupe


We lost many things to the 1990s: butterfly clips, Full House, and the BMW 8 Series. Those clips are sometimes worn today (maybe ironically, we hope), and we eventually got a Full House reboot—thanks, Netflix. All that’s left is the return of the BMW 8 Series, which was discontinued in 1999.

Oh wait, that’s totally happening.

That’s right—you heard it from all of us at BMW of Bowling Green first. After a 19-year hiatus, the BMW 8 Series, which was once the brand’s flagship luxury coupe, will be returning as soon as next year.

The concept prototype for the resurrected 8 Series first appeared in May at Italy’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. While this concept only serves as a general hint at what will actually come off production lines, it is still telling for the 8 Series’ future. Among the design aesthetics of the new BMW 8 Series are a more sculpted silhouette and crisp lines. The 8 Series’ companion model, the performance-oriented M8, also made its debut shortly after in Germany, sporting huge air intakes, a sports exhaust with four tailpipes, and modified brakes.

The new BMW 8 Series will replace the outgoing 6 Series coupe and is expected to give Mercedes a run for its money. Keep checking back with BMW of Bowling Green for updates.

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Grilling Tips for Your Summer Cookout

4th of July summer cookout grilling tips

Many Americans take to the road (some of them in brand new BMWs) for the summer weekends to spend time with friends and family. But many stay home, let everyone else come to them, and have a cookout. If you plan to spend one (or  more) of your summer weekends hosting your own cookout, but haven’t quite mastered the grill, here are a few grilling tips, courtesy of BMW of Bowling Green:

  • Don’t get premade burgers. Sure, it might be easier to feed large groups, but if you make your own burger patties, you’ll have better tasting meat and you can channel your inner Bob Belcher to truly whip up some unique burgers.
  • Get hot, hot, hot. Burgers cook with high heat—don’t be afraid to get your grill flame going strong. Of course, don’t overcook your burgers. Nobody wants to celebrate freedom by munching on a brick.
  • Don’t smash the burger. The movies might have you think that you should make your burger sizzle by flattening it with your spatula, but you’re really just draining all the juices when you do that.
  • Trust your cooking. Don’t rip into each burger to check how done it is. This is the easiest way to ruin a burger—you could accidentally crumble it, and you’ll easily lose some of the good juices.

You don’t just have to cook burgers, brats, and hot dogs on the grill either. Get inventive and try out veggies and more on the grill this summer.

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