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The New BMW Dynamic Parking Prediction Program Knows Where You Can Find a Parking Spot

One of the most frustrating aspects of driving a car has to be parking. Depending on where you live or work, finding a place to park on the street can be an absolute ordeal and can really make or break … Continue reading

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New Apple Watch Works with BMW i3 and i8

The new Apple Watch is rolling out and automakers like BMW are not wasting their time finding ways to apply the technology to their vehicles. The German automaker has announced that an Apple Watch app that will work with its … Continue reading

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BMW Revs Up the Fun with M Laptimer App

Just when you thought driving a BMW couldn’t get any better, BMW releases the M Laptimer app on the iOS store. The app, which BMW made sure to say was “intended for off-road use only,” but will of course be … Continue reading

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