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Introducing the BMW i Collection: Sustainable Luxury Design

BMW is offering owners a chance to experience innovative design outside of their car by introducing the new BMW i collection. Featuring jackets, tablet cases, T-shirts, and more, the collection utilizes sustainable materials while maintaining that great BMW look. According … Continue reading

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New Apple Watch Works with BMW i3 and i8

The new Apple Watch is rolling out and automakers like BMW are not wasting their time finding ways to apply the technology to their vehicles. The German automaker has announced that an Apple Watch app that will work with its … Continue reading

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BMW i8 Sales Exceed Expectations

The first BMW electric car, the i8, is a hit, but maybe not where you would expect. Londoners have fallen in love with the partially electric, sporty supercar. With a starting price of £95,000 ($140,000), roughly the price of a … Continue reading

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Next New BMW Electric Vehicle Looks Even More Futuristic

It seems like we were only just discussing whether it was appropriate for BMW to make hybrid vehicles at all, but suddenly the i3 and i8 are already established in the market—and there is much more to come. In fact, … Continue reading

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Top Gear’s 2014 Car of the Year is the BMW i8

This year has been one full of extraordinary cars and supercars, ranging from the outrageous Lamborghini Huracan and ambitious Porsche 918 Spyder to the composed Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate and the do-it-all Volkswagen Golf R. But among all that tough competition, … Continue reading

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BMW Testing Light and Charge System in Munich

Perhaps you are among those who has beheld the awe-inspiring beauty of the BMW i8 hybrid supercar or the i3 EV and thought, “well, I would certainly love to drive either one of these, but I’m just not sure how … Continue reading

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BMW Combines Art and Function with Solar Charging Carport

BMW DesignworksUSA has released a stunning new design perfect for your new BMW i3 or i8—a solar-powered carport. While the design is technically still a concept, it’s not only functional, but looks like a piece of installation art. The solar … Continue reading

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Louis Vuitton Creates Luggage to Match BMW i8

The new BMW i8 is one of the hottest sports cars on the market. So why not get some accessories to match your amazing car. Louis Vuitton, the famed luxury luggage producer, has put out a set of bespoke luggage … Continue reading

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BMW to Use ‘Laser’ Headlights in New i8

BMW’s i8 is breaking new ground in practically every way, including its headlights. The i8 will have available headlights that are powered by lasers. Now, before you start imagining cutting down offending vehicles in your path, these aren’t those kinds … Continue reading

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BMW 360 Electric Services: More than i3 and i8 Will Display at LA Auto Show

At the LA Auto Show beginning this weekend, BMW is premiering more than just their 2014 BMW i3 and i8 models. The new BMW 360 Electric portfolio will also be on display. The portfolio is a collection of services designed … Continue reading

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