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How to Drive During Winter

Winter is by far the cruelest season of the year. Spring brings wet roads, summer dries roads, and fall is windy. Winter, on the other hand, makes roads slick, reduces visibility, and can trap you in its embrace. During winter, … Continue reading

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Tips to Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder

Every year around this time, we start to experience less and less daylight. For those people who don’t get up all that early, daylight savings time can decrease that amount of daylight even more. A pronounced and negative emotional response … Continue reading

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Can the BMW i3 Survive Winter Weather Conditions?

BMW’s fresh and funky i3 has been a hit in 2014, winning numerous awards and gaining a lot of supporters to the electric vehicle community. But the vehicle’s boxy body made with recyclable materials has both fans and skeptics wondering, … Continue reading

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