2017 BMW 5 Series Features Wireless Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is one of the most innovative in-vehicle connectivity systems in modern vehicles. It usually comes alongside Android Auto compatibility. Apple CarPlay has been able to communicate with vehicles wirelessly since 2015, and now the 2017 BMW 5 Series is taking advantage of that technology.

The BMW 5 Series sedan will be the first to support wireless Apple CarPlay. That essentially means that drivers won’t have to connect their smartphone to the car via USB cable in order to use the software. That’s a major step that will appeal to a massive amount of drivers.

2017 BMW 5 Series driving through mountains

Apple CarPlay links to the iDrive system, which is a displayed on a 10.25-inch touchscreen. Drivers can interact with their favorite apps, make calls, and more through the iDrive Touch Controller. Voice commands and tapping the screen also work.

BMW officially integrated Apple CarPlay into its lineup back in May, a late start in the automotive segment. Now the German automaker is jumping ahead of competitors by offering the first vehicle that makes use of Apple CarPlay’s wireless capabilities.

The 2017 BMW 5 Series will ship out in February 2017, wireless Apple CarPlay and all.

We here at BMW of Bowling Green are happy to see the BMW 5 Series staying ahead of the pack when it comes to technology.

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First 2018 BMW 8 Series Images Captured of Prototype

BMW may be trying to keep it under wraps, but the upcoming BMW 8 Series has shone through. The model was spotted for the first time while it was testing, and tons of spy shots were captured of this elusive vehicle. Sneaky photographers found a prototype of the vehicle simply parked in a storage lot.

What has been uncovered

In the 2018 BMW 8 Series images, we can see the sleek new coupe, although it is covered by camouflage. The attempted protection doesn’t do enough to distort its body, however, so a handful of changes are clearly evident.

2016 BMW 7 Series - similar to 2018 BMW 8 Series Images

The new 2018 BMW 8 Series is starting to look a lot like the BMW 7 Series (shown), though more compact.

The new 8 Series Coupe looks a lot like the 7 Series, though it is of course more compact. There are only two doors on the model, which also sports the signature BMW kidney grille. You can check out some of the photos here.

Rumor has it that the BMW 8 Series was brought back to replace the BMW 6 Series, rolling out between 2017 and 2018. While we can’t say for sure, these spy photos seem to indicate that BWM has made great progress on that timeframe.

Keep your eyes peeled for more BMW 8 Series news, and in the meantime, visit us anytime at BMW of Bowling Green to check out what BMW currently has in store.

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These Are the Winter Weather Essentials You Should Put in Your Car, Right Now

ice scraper winter frost - winter weather essentials - bowling green, ky

Now that the temperatures are dropping, and fast, you are probably taking your swimsuit, flip flops, and beach towel out of your car. In their place, don’t forget to stock up on cold weather necessities before winter weather hits. If you prepare yourself for the first big snow before it hits, you will thank yourself.

Here are some winter weather essentials to keep in your car:

  • Get yourself both a quality ice scraper and a quality shovel. You are likely to use the former more than the latter, but if your car ever gets buried in snow, you will be glad to have a shovel available.
  • Pack yourself some extra gloves, an extra hat, and maybe even an extra winter coat. If you ever forget one of these garments or lose one, you will have a backup.
  • Upgrade your emergency kit to include a quality blanket and perhaps heating packs, just in case you find yourself in a chilly emergency.
  • And as always, keep a first-aid kit, a flashlight with extra batteries, and a spare cell phone charger safely tucked away in your car.

For more winter weather safety ideas or to check out a snow-ready vehicle for the new season, feel free to contact us or visit us anytime at BMW of Bowling Green.

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Montblanc for BMW Combines Two Iconic Luxury Brands

2016 BMW 7 Series - Montblanc for BMW

To celebrate the luxury of the all-new 2016 BMW 7 Series, Montblanc has teamed up with BMW. They are set to release a unique collection called Montblanc for BMW. This series of lifestyle accessories are designed specifically to coordinate with the 7 Series. The collection was unveiled during Monterey Car Week at BMW’s Villa at Pebble Beach.

“There’s a lot of symmetry between our brands, which makes this collaboration very natural,” said Eric Riehle, Accessory and Lifestyle Manager at BMW of North America. “The Montblanc for BMW Special Edition collection is the perfect accompaniment to our flagship BMW 7 Series sedan and we are happy to offer it to customers in the U.S.”

Montblanc for BMW – What it Includes

The collection includes fountain pens, ball pens, a key sleeve, passport holder, business card holder, document case, and a cabin bag. Also, all products are finely crafted and feature the BMW 7 Series pattern along with the Montblanc logo.

These products are available for purchase through local BMW dealerships, including here at BMW of Bowling Green. They can also be purchased online or at one of four Montblanc Boutiques in Yorkdale, Canada; Houston, Texas; Miami Aventura; or New York Madison Avenue.

Which produce from the Montblanc for BMW collection would you love to own?

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Car Safety for Babies

boy in car seat - car safety for babies - teddy bear in back seat of car

September is recognized as Baby Safety Month, which means it is the perfect time for some tips on keeping the tiniest members of your family safe while in the car.

We all know that babies need to ride in car seats. However, using a car seat correctly is harder that most people realize. In fact, nearly three out of four car seats are installed or used incorrectly. Here are five simple steps to help make sure your little one is safe.

Car Safety for Babies – Tips:

  1. Right seat. Make sure the seat you are using is appropriate for their age, weight, and height. Read the seat’s owner’s manual for exact specifications. It will also tell you exactly how to install the seat.
  2. Right place. Until children are 13 years old, they need to be in the back seat. This is because front seat air bags are not designed for children and could injure them more than an accident itself.
  3. Right direction. New recommendations say you should keep your child rear-facing as long as possible, or until they are near two years old. Make sure the seat you are using can continue to support him or her in that position until then.
  4. Inch test. Once you have the seat installed in your car, see how much wiggle room it has at the base. If you can move it more than an inch front to back or side to side, it is not tight enough.
  5. Pinch test. When your child is buckled in, try to pinch the harness straps at his or her shoulders. If you can pinch any webbing, you need to tighten the harness.

Follow these steps and you’ll soon be an expert in car safety for babies.

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BMW Unveils M5 Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition

Since its Amsterdam debut way back in ‘84, the BMW M5 has been the height of the luxury sport sedan market for over three decades, seamlessly combining the performance-focused precision of a powerful track-ready vehicle with the comforts and conveniences associated with the BMW name. The M5 has topped BMW’s 5-Series family of sedans for years. Now, they’re giving longtime BMW enthusiasts a reason to appreciate the M5 anew with the launch of the US-exclusive Pure Metal Silver edition.

2016 BMW M6 - Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition

This upgrade means more than a coat of paint. The 2017 BMW M6 Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition model upgrades the power and packages included.

Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition

The name of the limited edition M5 comes from the color of its metallic silver paint, but that’s not the only upgrade the Pure Metal Silver version offers. It comes standard with a 4.4-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine under the hood that cranks out 600 horsepower—a kind of power that hasn’t been seen in the M5’s lineup since the 2014 30 Jahre edition. Additionally, the Pure Metal Silver edition comes with a M Driver’s Package that delivers one day on BMW’s performance driving course.

You’ll find the BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver limited edition in BMW showrooms come this August. The base model of the BMW M5 costs $94,100, while the special edition will get a significant boost in price to $130,900.

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Explore Lost River Cave in Bowling Green

Looking for an adventure? Bowling Green, Kentucky is home to a number of cave systems just waiting to be explored. One of the most popular is the beautiful Lost River Cave, located just off Exit 22 of I-65. The state’s only Underground Boat Tour features a Butterfly Habitat, as well as the shortest and deepest river in the world (as confirmed by Ripley’s Believe It or Not). Lost River Cave offers visitors a number of fun experiences and beautiful sights, as well as some educational history lessons.

Lost River Cave - Bowling Green, KY activities

Cave boat tours float through year-round in this underground river. (Lost River Cave)

What does a cave tour include?

Tours in the cave are about 45 minutes long and consist of both a guided walking tour & a boat tour. They begin at the top of each hour from 9am to 5pm. Adults cost $16.95 per ticket, kids from 4 to 11 cost $11.95, and children 3 and under are $4.95. During the walking tour, guests will learn about the cave’s role in many historical events. These include: the Civil War, its relation to notorious criminal Jesse James, its history among Native American peoples and more. Finally, the boat tour will take you through tight caverns where you can touch the limestone ceiling and under the famous wishing rock.

Lost River Cave is open year-round and is always a comfortable average temperature of 57 degrees, regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. Bring your friends or family for a day of adventure underground. Also, remember that we’re right down the road!

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Check Out These Car Packing Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Cargo Space

Whether you are packing the entire family’s luggage for vacation or are packing everything you need for a college dorm room into your vehicle’s trunk – the process can be tricky.

dogs in trunk - car packing tips

How to pack most efficiently for a road trip

Here are some car packing tips to help you get started:

  • Sort your belongings or bags by their weight. Be sure to place the heaviest items towards the center of the vehicle, balancing it and increasing efficiency.
  • Pack a separate bag for things you may want from the front seat. This is including medications, your glasses, etc. You’ll want to always keep it in reach.
  • Otherwise, take your smallest and lightest items and be sure to secure them tightly. Make sure that they don’t fall or move around during your trip.
  • Lastly, make sure that you can see clearly through the rear windshield before you leave!

For more tips or to check out our selection of vehicles with extra cargo space, contact us or visit us anytime at BMW of Bowling Green.

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BMW i3 Sales Increase Follows New, Extended Battery

The luxurious BMW i3 is one of the best electric vehicles on the road, earning it the title of “Green Car of the Year” and more – so it’s really no wonder that the industry-changing model is selling like crazy.

According to BMW company sources, orders for the latest version of the BMW i3 have increased “many times over,” especially after the German government began to offer a sales incentive to the purchase of electric cars.

2016 BMW i3 sales

BMW i3 Battery Upgrade

Plus, the BMW i3 is now available with an upgraded battery that increases its range to 114 miles, though its price increase is merely $1,200. Ultimately, this has caused orders of the BMW i3 to increase to about 5,000.

Between its fuel-efficiency, quirky exterior, and affordable price – what’s not to love? It’s no wonder why there has been such a BMW i3 sales increase.

Want to learn more about the BMW i3 or take one out on a test drive? To learn more, contact us or visit us anytime, here at BMW of Bowling Green. We also have many other BMW vehicles in stock, so feel free to come and look around! You never know what might catch your eye.

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2016 BMW X1’s Safety Earns Top Rating from IIHS

The 2016 BMW X1 compact crossover is completely redesigned this year. With this revision, the X1 adds a more spacious interior, including more cargo room and in addition, the BMW X1’s safety is improved—enough so that is has earned a Top Safety Pick+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

2016 BMW X1’s safety

With this rating, the X1 earned the top “good” rating in all crash tests and earned an “advanced” rating for front crash prevention. This top rating affirms BMW’s commitment to offering class-leading safety with every new model.

2016 BMW X1’s Safety Features

Standard safety features in the X1 cover the entire vehicle. It includes BMW Assist eCall, BMW TeleService, Dynamic Stability Control, Brake Dry Assist, Cornering Brake Control, and Dynamic Traction Control. For even more safety, buyers can opt for the available active safety features. Some of these features are Lane Departure Warning, Frontal Collision Warning with Pedestrian Warning, and City Collision Mitigation.

In addition to its stellar safety features, the X1 offers drivers an engaging driving experience and a high-quality, detailed interior.

With a combination of athleticism, cargo space, passenger space, and excellent safety, the 2016 BMW X1 is an easy choice to make. Stop by BMW of Bowling Green today and take the BMW X1’s safety out for a test drive today.

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