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BMW Testing Light and Charge System in Munich

Perhaps you are among those who has beheld the awe-inspiring beauty of the BMW i8 hybrid supercar or the i3 EV and thought, “well, I would certainly love to drive either one of these, but I’m just not sure how … Continue reading

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The BMW i8 Hybrid Was Almost Not So

The new BMW i8 Hybrid concept is a thing of wonder. It not only looks gorgeous—its inner workings are an engineering work of art. As a supercar hybrid, it’s the only vehicle of its kind, and it does so very convincingly. … Continue reading

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BMW i8 to do very well in US

We’ve spoken about the new BMW i8 several times here at BMW of Bowling Green, and excitement is stirring up again with its up and coming showing at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Many BMW fans are getting pretty restless when … Continue reading

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BMW i8 blends sportscar and hybrid together for the first time at BMW.

BMW is no stranger to the hybrid car. In fact many of its current hybrids have won numerous awards for their design and eco-friendly standing in the automobile industry. But we hear at BMW of Bowling Green are proud to … Continue reading

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BMW Unveils i8 Spyder Concept at Beijing Auto Show

The BMW i8 Spyder is set to make its debut later this month at the Beijing Motor Show, creating quite a buzz as a sporty gasoline-electric hybrid eco-supercar. Following the initial concept of the i8 Coupe introduced in 2011, the … Continue reading

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